Where Can Someone Track the Shipment of Cargo?

Cargo shippers and owners can track the shipment of cargo using a variety of tracking websites, such as Track-Trace.com, or an individual shipping company website, such as American President Lines, Cathay Pacific Cargo or UPS. Cargo is trackable using a range of identification numbers, such as the shipping container's number, a Bill of Lading numeric code or a Master Air Waybill. Cargo can also be tracked through child shipment tracking numbers for certain types of shipping.

As of 2015, Track-Trace.com tracks the cargo of 121 companies and uses each cargo container's number for inquiries. The site uses the first four letters of the container number to automate an information request to the relevant company. Track-Trace.com allows users to track shipments within a frame that features multiple tools and alternative tracking options.

APL is a global shipping company that provides a cargo tracking tool on its website. This tool requires an APL Bill of Lading number or container number to be used as a tracking variable.

Cathay Pacific Cargo offers a shipment tracking option for customers sending cargo through its website. A Master Air Waybill code is required, while a House Air Waybill can be added as an optional search variable.