Where Can Someone Find a Template for a Donation Thank You Letter?


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A template for a letter to thank people and organizations for their donations can be found at the Microsoft Office website. As this source notes, a letter of this kind serves two purposes: It serves to convey gratitude to donors and provides them with a receipt, which may be required to use for tax purposes.

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Aside from a formal acknowledgement of the donated sum, the letter might also include a reminder of the donation's purpose and directions to the fundraising organization's website. Reminding donors of the reasons behind a fundraising campaign serves to reassure them that their money will be used as expected. Sometimes fundraisers will go even further in thanking and reassuring their donors by describing exactly how their money will be used.

A donation thank you letter should be concise and to the point, but care should be taken to make it as heartfelt and personal. This might be achieved by writing the letter by hand, or else by having a charitable beneficiary of the donation do so. It is also important to address the donor by their name, perhaps along with any details of support they provided in the past. Thank you letters should be sent as soon as possible after receipt of the donation.

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