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Someone who wants to teach English as a high school teacher needs a bachelor's degree in English language. However, it is also possible to become an English education teacher with any degree by participating in a Teach Conversational English as a Foreign Language, or TEFL, program, and some organizations accept non-graduates.

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Most states require prospective English high school teachers to have a degree in that area. In addition, it is necessary to complete the state's higher education teacher's preparation program. This involves classes in child psychology and education. Some states also require teachers to have a master's degree. Private schools do not require teachers to meet the state education requirements, but the need to have a bachelor's degree is still likely.

Graduates of other disciplines who want to teach English can complete the TEFL program with a voluntary organization, such as the Peace Corps. As well as requiring a TEFL qualification, the Peace Corps request 30 hours of teaching experience. In addition to the Peace Corps, prospective volunteers can complete a TEFL program with or without a degree. With the TEFL program, it is possible to teach children of all ages and abilities. While some programs are available at physical locations, it is also possible to complete one online.

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