How Can Someone Start a Homeless Shelter?

To start a homeless shelter, create a well defined strategy, register the shelter, determine location, find volunteers and sponsors. Involving family members, neighbors and other organizations in this quest can help reduce the challenges of starting the shelter, notes the Zakat Foundation of America.

Starting a homeless shelter is a noble course because it is a good way to help the less fortunate in the society. However, it may also pose a number of challenges if proper planning is not done. To achieve success, do the following.

  1. Create a well defined strategy
  2. Start by creating a business plan or proposal for the homeless shelter. Such a document will contain financial estimates, organizational structure, timelines and possible sources of income. The document will help guard against risks and give an outline of how to get things started.

  3. Register the shelter
  4. Running a homeless shelter without approval of the state is illegal and can lead to a law suit. It is prudent to register the shelter as stipulated by the law before officially opening it.

  5. Determine an ideal location
  6. Consider the various options available in terms of location and choose the most suitable. Some of the things to think about include security, amenities and infrastructure.

  7. Find volunteers and sponsors
  8. A homeless shelter largely depends on sponsors for sustainability. It is prudent to identify and approach a few sponsors who can then commit to assisting. It is equally important to find volunteers who will help in the running of the shelter, states the Zakat Foundation of America.