How Can Someone Start a Brewery?


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A person who wants to start a brewery must determine the type of beer they wish to brew, obtain the necessary qualifications and make their application. The applicant then goes through a screening process.

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  1. Identify the type of brewery the applicant wishes to start
  2. The applicant must first identify the type of brewery they want to operate and the beer they wish to brew. This means determining whether they want to start a brewery/brewpub or a pilot brewing plant.
  3. Complete the appropriate qualifications
  4. To complete the right qualifications, the applicant must send off forms with all the required documentation for their qualification. It is possible to do this through an online permits system at the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) website. There is no need to send paper forms.
  5. Complete the TTB application package
  6. After submitting the online application, the TTB sends out an application pack. The candidate must fill this out so the TTB can screen them and decide whether they are legally able to start a brewery. If the application succeeds, they can legally start a brewery.

During the screening process, TTB may make adaptations to the application and request supplementary documentation. The application then progresses to the Trade Investigations Division, so they can perform an investigation.

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