How Can Someone Get a Scholarship for College?


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Someone who wants to get a scholarship for college should check their eligibility for different programs with their school or another reputable organization, then apply by the deadline. The criteria for scholarships vary, but many require the student to achieve certain grades or have particular talents.

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  1. Approach a reputable organization for details of scholarships
  2. There are many scholarships available, but there are also as many scams, so a student should approach a reputable organization before disclosing their personal information. Trusted sources include a school financial aid office, public library or the U.S. Department of Labor's free online scholarship tool.
  3. Check the criteria
  4. Students who find potential scholarships should check if they meet the criteria for receiving it. Some scholarships are target at certain demographics, such as women or students whose parents work in certain professions. Others require the students to meet certain grade levels, or have talents in sports or hobbies.
  5. Get a head start on the application
  6. Many scholarships have strict application deadlines, so it is important to complete forms well in advance. It is advisable to start the process in the summer between junior and senior year, as some application windows close as early as one year before college starts. When filling out the application, read all the requirements and gather all supporting documents.
  7. Receive the scholarship money
  8. While some funds go directly to the student, others go to the college. Students who know they are receiving a scholarship need to notify their school´s financial office to ensure other financial aid calculations are readjusted.

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