Where Can Someone Find the Sale History of a House?


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Prospective buyers can find the sale history of a home and other related information by using various methods, such as searching public municipal records, using an online service or asking a broker to search for the information through several databases available to real estate agencies, as About.com explains. The purchase history of a home can reveal crucial information to help buyers make informed offers.

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Public offices keep records of property deeds and encumbrances that municipal workers can assist prospective buyers in finding if they have some basic information, according to About.com. Such records are commonly maintained at the county courthouse, city hall or other government locations. Potential buyers can also check for information on federal cases at the county court to uncover such things as if the seller has filed for bankruptcy.

Once the potential buyer learns the owner of record, Internet searches can reveal further information about the owner and the house. Although some of these search services charge a fee, the information about property sales is public and is available on sites that specialize in real estate searches.

Because real estate brokers have access to a variety of subscription data services through their offices, it is often helpful to ask them for such information as previous sales, as About.com details. Prospective buyers can also gain access to other information, such as how long the property has been on the market, which can influence an offer.

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