How Can Someone Prioritize Work Assignments?

How Can Someone Prioritize Work Assignments?

To prioritize work assignments, consider deadlines, terms of value, use time factor to determine which tasks to complete first and be willing to drop some tasks. Prioritizing the most important assignments is the key to achieving success, notes Vandelay Design.

Write down all tasks that need to be done because this will help avoid forgetfulness. The following should help anyone prioritize work assignments successfully.

  1. Consider deadlines
  2. Once all tasks have been written down, sort by order of urgency. Those that are about to expire should be brought to the top of the list. Thinking about the consequences of failure to accomplish a given assignment within its deadline should help in farther prioritization.

  3. Consider the value of each task
  4. While there may be many pending tasks, some are usually more valuable than others. Tasks that are bound to give significant success should be on the top of the list. Those that are not very significant should be moved to the bottom.

  5. Think about the time factor
  6. Some tasks are likely to take a relatively longer time when compared to others. Work on less time consuming tasks first before moving on to those that are likely to consume more time.

  7. Be prepared to drop some tasks
  8. At some point all assignments are going to hit the deadline. It is important to be prepared to drop some tasks rather than working on each urgently and doing a poor job on all, notes the Liquid Planner.