How Can Someone Find a Job Without Having Any Skills or Qualifications?


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Someone with no skills or qualifications who wants to find a job needs to think outside the box when identifying their attributes, and detail them as skills on their resume. In addition, they should focus on their life experience and begin finding ways to obtain experience through part-time and voluntary work.

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There are several ways people without qualifications or skills can find a job:

  • Try to think outside the box and identify non-professional skills. For example, having good people skills, being an excellent time manager and having an aptitude for paying close attention to detail.
  • Draw experience from past part-time jobs and voluntary rolls. Look at what the role required and how it was fulfilled.
  • People who do not have any experience can aim for voluntary and part-time jobs to bridge the gap. This is a great way to build skills for free.
  • Individuals who want to fill their resume should have a section with hobbies and interests. Wherever possible, relate them to the job at hand.
  • When looking at jobs that require qualifications, people who want to apply can reflect on their life experience and how it may act as an equivalent to what the employer asks for.
  • Students who are at college or high school and seeking a job or internship can take part in extracurricular activities that give them skills.
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