How Can Someone Earn an AHIP Certification?


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Earn the America’s Health Insurance Plans certification by passing the AHIP course. These courses typically focus on health care practices and processes. You can take AHIP courses in person at designated locations or at certified AHIP online schools.

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America’s Health Insurance Plans is the national health insurance trade association in the United States. It provides health and supplemental benefits to over 200 million people. AHIP achieves this by working with individual insurance providers, cooperating employers and government-provided public programs.

AHIP also serves the health insurance industry by providing conferences and certification courses. The conferences help to keep individuals up to date on the latest health insurance advances and issues. These AHIP conferences also afford industry leaders and workers the opportunity to network with each other. Online courses that AHIP provides also help to maintain the high quality of skilled workers in the industry.

Advocacy is one of AHIP's main priorities as well. AHIP works with policymakers in Washington to advocate for the interests of the health insurance industry and its workers. AHIP also focuses on making the public aware and educated about relevant and critical issues surrounding health insurance plans in the private sector as well as in the public sector.

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