How Can Someone Clip Discount Coupons in an Easier and More Effective Way?


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To make discount coupons effective and worth the effort, a clever coupon strategy is needed, such as the one-month coupon strategy where coupons are clipped four months after they come out so that when used at the store the discount coupons will sync up with products that are already on sale leading to increased savings. Using discount coupons allows individuals to save money on their grocery visits and home essential purchases.

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How Can Someone Clip Discount Coupons in an Easier and More Effective Way?
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To begin the one-month coupon strategy, first take the newspaper and clip the coupon page. Next, set it aside in an area reserved for your coupons. Each week take the coupon page from four weeks prior and look at the coupons. Clip every coupon that has something on it that you would normally buy or would like to buy or would consider buying.

The next step is to take those coupons to the store with your shopping list. Look at all of the items on the shelves and see which items are on sale. You will notice that many of the items that you have discount coupons to buy are also now on sale and can be purchased for a much lower price when the discount coupon is applied to the sale price instead of the regular price. This is an easier and more effective way to clip coupons for unbeatable savings.

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