Where Can Someone Buy Used Fleetwood Mobile Homes?

Used Fleetwood mobile homes can be purchased from Fleetwood directly or from a local dealer that the Fleetwood Mobile Home company can recommend. Those people who are interested in purchasing a used Fleetwood mobile home should contact Fleetwood directly to find local dealers in their area that sell used Fleetwood mobile homes.

Fleetwood Mobile Homes began production in 1950 and started offering American families homes that they could afford. Now, more than 1.5 million customers have used Fleetwood as their mobile home manufacturer because Fleetwood offers quality in both floor plan selections and design options. The company also allows families to customize homes to fit their unique tastes and needs.

Fleetwood manufactures their mobile homes offsite in a controlled building environment with experienced and skilled craftsmen and builders so that the homes the company produces will last for a lifetime. New Fleetwood homes can be purchased directly from the Fleetwood company at any of their plants or online with shipping and moving options.

For those people who would like to find used Fleetwood mobile homes, Craigslist and other online sites may offer ads that lead to homes. Alternatively, calling up local mobile home dealers in the person's general area may provide them with local companies who sell used Fleetwood mobile homes.