How Can Someone Become a Software Developer?


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Someone who wants to become a software developer should obtain a bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering or a related field. While at college, potential software developers should consider an internship in the field.

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At a minimum, software developers need a bachelor's degree. While computer science and software engineering are ideal subjects, some can enter the field with a mathematics major. When choosing majors and minors at college, students should focus on courses that help them learn how to build software. Some employers may request a master's in addition to a bachelor's degree. Students who have the chance to engage in an internship while at college should take it.

In some cases, prospective software developers can work as computer programmers first, then progress into their chosen role once they have enough experience. Individuals who have enough experience can progress onto managerial roles, including information technology project managers.

Software developers need certain attributes:

  • The ability to analyze client needs, then create designs that meet them.
  • Communication and inter-personal skills.
  • They need to understand computer languages and capabilities.
  • Possessing creativity is essential for designing new software.
  • Software developers must pay close attention to detail, which requires excellent concentration skills.
  • As software developers manage projects from beginning to end, they need problem-solving skills to address issues that arise during the design process.
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