How Can Someone Become a Producer?

Someone who wants to become a producer should begin with a bachelor's degree in an area related to movies, TV or production. In addition, they need several years' experience working in a related occupation.

Most producers complete a bachelor's degree in film or cinema at college. While completing this degree, they study editing and lighting, film history and create their own films. In some instances, producers begin with related majors. This includes journalism, acting, writing or communication.

Many producers gain work experience from related fields, or they take on low-paid work and internships. This may involve working in movies or TV production as an actor, stage director, cinematographer, animator, choreographer or video editor. Low-profile work that helps prospective producers includes working as an assistant, studio manager or some other role behind the scenes of a movie. Some of these roles are poorly paid or unpaid.

To succeed as a producer, it is necessary to have certain attributes:

  • Excellent communication skills are necessary, as producers convey instructions to people throughout the day as part of their work.
  • The ability to be creative is essential. Directors work from a writer's script, but it is up to them how they interpret it for the best results.
  • Being able to lead is central to a producer's role. As well as helping actors interpret and portray characters, they give directions to people throughout the set.
  • Producers need to have excellent managing skills. They manage people throughout the set and ensure they carry out their work efficiently.