How Can Someone Become a Party Planner?

How Can Someone Become a Party Planner?

Someone who wants to become a party planner needs a bachelor's degree in a relevant field and work experience in the hospitality industry. While many employers request degrees related to event planning, it is possible for individuals with business majors to enter the field.

Prospective party planners should begin with a degree in their chosen field. Many colleges offer hospitality and tourism management programs, which employers prefer. However, it is also possible to enter the field with marketing, public relations, business and communications degrees, plus one to two years' experience in the hospitality sector.

Students who complete hospitality management degrees may enter the industry at a more senior level than those who do not. Individuals who want to gain experience while at college should plan events with societies, or engage in an event planning continuing education class.

Beginners in the events industry usually start on basic tasks, such as registering guests and organizing equipment. Planners who have experience can move onto client relations and negotiating contracts. After gaining significant experience, it is possible to become an independent party planner.

Party and event planners need certain skills. This includes being able to communicate clearly, the ability to maintain their composure, negotiation skills, customer service skills, interpersonal skills and a knack for problem-solving.