How Can Someone Become a Food Taster?

How Can Someone Become a Food Taster?

There are a number of organizations that actively hire food testers for surveys for a whole range of food and beverages; many can be applied for online by filling out a simple application. Once hired, participants are usually asked to visit one of the sponsoring organization's field offices to act as part of a panel tasting various products from sauces and dips to specific types of food like tofu and soy-based dishes.

Some food tasting jobs focus on one food; tasters spend working hours sampling solely cheese, soda, soup, cereal, ice cream or pie. Others focus on nutrition or ask those involved to eat only one kind of food for an extended period of time, like a 3-month diet consisting of nothing but junk food.

Tasting jobs normally consist of two parts: sampling the product and reporting the taster's findings through a survey. Today, surveys are conducted online after a taste test.

Taste are asked to observe the food and note its physical characteristics such as color, smell, texture paying specific attention to distinct attributes. Smells are narrowed to define them into different odors, textures are described with articulate attention to detail and colors are divided into different shades.

Tasting the food consists of small samples and tasters are asked to describe what they experience thoroughly outlining the flavors and overall impression that is left once the sample has been eaten.