How Can Someone Become an Airline Ticket Agent?

The requirements to become a ticket agent varies from airline to airline, but a few of the common requirements is that an applicant be at least 18, have a high school diploma, basic math and geography skills, the ability to lift 50 or more pounds frequently throughout the day and be able to work on holidays. Some airlines, depending on the flights they offer and their location, may require that its ticket agents be bilingual.

An airline ticket agent is also referred to as a customer service agent at some airlines. Ticket agents need to be able to deal with the public, handle stressful situations and work efficiently with minimum direct supervision. A ticket agent has specific programs and data bases that they work from. Many of the airlines send their agents through specific classes to make sure they know how to work the programs before they are sent out to work with the public. These programs make the actual reservations, verify them and allow the ticket agents to put in the seat assignments and to check baggage for passengers. Ticket agents will also be key in assisting unaccompanied minors and special-needs passengers. Ticket agents will need to ensure that these types of passengers have the seating and requirements they need to have a comfortable and safe flight.