What Can You Do With a Sociology Degree?


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People with undergraduate degrees in sociology often find jobs in fields that require strong investigative skills, such as business marketing, journalism, politics and public relations. A sociology degree also provides a foundation for continued education and advanced degrees in academics, counseling, law and social work.

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Sociology is the study of human behavior in individuals and groups such as families, communities and nations. It examines social structures, group behaviors and cultures. As a social science, it uses scientific research methods to propose theories, conduct studies and test hypotheses. People with sociology degrees are therefore prepared for a wide range of careers involving human behavior, statistical analysis and international relations.

Many people with sociology degrees are employed in community and social-service jobs and work as community organizers, fundraisers, hospital administrators, housing coordinators, occupational counselors and outreach coordinators. Job titles for business employees with sociology degrees include human-resources manager, market researcher, planning assistant, quality-control manager and trainer. In education, sociology graduates work as admission counselors, college-placement specialists and instructors. Government agencies hire people with sociology degrees to serve as legislative aides, program supervisors and urban planners. Relevant job titles in other fields include correctional counselor, criminal investigator, data analyst, police officer and statistician.

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