How Can Single Mothers Get Money for College?


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Single mothers can get money for college by applying for a Federal Pell Grant through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, reports Federal Student Aid. They can also locate scholarships they may qualify for through college financial aid offices, the U.S. Department of Labor's free online scholarship search engine, state grant agencies and private organizations. A number of scholarship opportunities are specifically for single mothers, points out How Stuff Works.

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Although Federal Pell Grants are open to anyone who qualifies based on need, a new emphasis favors single parents, explains How Stuff Works. When filling out the FAFSA, single mothers specify their income and the number of children they have to find out how much assistance they qualify for. Grants and scholarships available through state agencies vary, but many states offer college financial aid to low-income students and single parents in particular. Filling out the FAFSA and searching for grants and scholarships are free services, so single mothers should avoid scam organizations that attempt to charge money to find and pursue financial aid opportunities.

As of 2015, private foundations and other organizations that offer scholarships to single parents include Raise the Nation and the Denny's Single Parent Student Scholarship, according to How Stuff Works. Scholarships aimed specifically at women include the Soroptimist Women's Opportunity Awards, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarships and the Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Scholarship for Mature Women. These are just examples of the many possible scholarships for which single mothers can search and apply.

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