Can You Sign up for a Paperless Mastercard Card Statement?

With an REI Mastercard from U.S. Bank, cardholders can sign up for paperless statements, according to the company website. Other branded MasterCards, including ones from Chase and Citibank, offer paperless statements as well.

Customers can choose to receive paperless statements after logging in to their online accounts. They must enter an email address for receiving statement alerts, and must accept all the terms and conditions offered by the issuer of the Mastercard, as noted by Citibank.

The paperless statement is a greener alternative that reduces the consumption of natural resources used in paper production and lowers the cardholder's carbon footprint, according to REI Mastercard. Eliminating the paper statement from the mail also decreases the chances of fraud and reduces the time spent shredding or filing statement. The REI Mastercard paperless statement program gives the consumer access to statements from the previous seven years.