How Can You Find Short-Term Lease Apartments?


Effective ways to find short-term lease apartments include getting in touch with real estate companies, contacting vacation rental home companies, and considering corporate housing, notes SFGate. A person can also check local colleges and universities to see if there are student apartments offered to non-students.

Real estate companies might be aware of properties on the market that can be rented out while the owner is waiting for a buyer, states SFGate. This option gives the renter a place to stay and allows the owner to make money while the house is on the market. With this option, it's best to have a written agreement that states whether the property can be viewed while being rented.

Vacation rentals are offered as mountain cabins, cottages and houses, according to SFGate. While vacation rental properties are often larger homes, there may be options for someone seeking a property with less square footage and one that's more affordable than a standard vacation house.

Employees with short-term assignments, and those with a short notice for employment transfers, often stay in corporate housing, which could be a viable option for anyone needing a short-term apartment, explains SFGate. In addition to apartments, corporate housing options often include condos, homes and hotels. These properties are typically equipped with furniture, dishes and linens.