How Can Serial Numbers Add Value to Paper Money?


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Serial numbers can add value to paper money if they have number patterns that are special to collectors. Solid, ladder and repeater serial number patterns, which are collectibles, can significantly increase the value of dollar bills. Bills with serial numbers that form historic dates are also collectibles.

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When redesigned dollar bills come out, the bill with the first serial number may be worth several times its face value. Collectors look for serial numbers with similar digits, numbers that count upwards or downwards, and numbers that look the same forwards and backwards. Dollar bills with pairs of repeating serial numbers and seven similar serial numbers also fetch more than their paper value on popular bidding sites.

Bills with serial numbers that form historic dates, such as 9/11 or the declaration of independence, are valuable collectibles. Serial numbers that do not form historic dates are also valuable to a collector with the birthday or anniversary formed by the pattern of the numbers. The value of bills with special serial numbers depends on market rates and the value the buyer and seller attach to specific numbers. Individuals who own bills with special serial numbers can sell them to dealers, such as USA Rare and Cool Serial Numbers, or auction them in currency auction houses, such as Heritage Auctions.

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