How Can a Senior on a Fixed Income Find Affordable Housing?

A senior citizen on a fixed income may be able to find affordable housing by applying for senior housing sponsored by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, states SFGate. Such programs are designed to rehabilitate or construct apartments or subsidize rent in order to make them more affordable to senior citizens. Residents only have to pay 30 percent of their rent, and each subsidized residence has to have at least one person who is 62 or older.

As of 2015, in addition to being at least 62, senior citizens have to have an income that's at least 50 percent of the area's average income, notes SFGate. Limits can change according to the county, state or metropolitan area.

To see if he qualifies, a senior citizen has to successfully pass the local housing authority tenant screening, apply to the local housing authority and provide information for everyone who is likely to be living with him in the house, says SFGate. Applicants for HUD senior housing must also offer references. There are specific programs senior citizens can apply to with their local housing authority, and they can also learn more about the local income limits by checking with the authority. Applicants also have to provide their annual estimated income.