How Can You Send Securepaks in Michigan?

Send SecurePaks in Michigan by creating an account online at the SecurePaks website in order to browse the catalog. Inmates are allowed to receive one $85 package per quarter as of August 2015.

The Securepak Program is a program that allows family members and other authorized persons to send customized care packages to inmates. The items must be authorized and come from the Securepak catalog. The packages are available to prisoners in the general population housing units as well as other authorized areas of the facilities. These packages are permitted in addition to the $100 bi-weekly limit on the purchase of standardized store list items that are available for purchase in the prisoner store.

Prisoners are not allowed to receive Securepak orders that were purchased by or on behalf of another prisoner, probationer or parolee. Prisoners cannot receive Securepak orders purchased by a family member of another prisoner, probationer or parolee unless the purchaser is also a family member of the prisoner receiving the packages.

Prisoners are only allowed one Securepak order per quarter. If more than one package is ordered in the same quarter, the first order placed is processed, regardless of who placed the subsequent orders or the value of those orders.