How Can You Send an Online Check?


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Some online banks, such as CapitalOne 360, allow an account holder to send checks online by logging into her account, accessing the Mail a Check option from the Payments menu and filling out the appropriate details, as of 2015. Other banks may also offer a similar service through its online payment services, which mail checks on behalf of account holders.

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CapitalOne 360's Mail a Check feature is part of its suite of payments tools, which allow account holders to send money to individuals and companies through its website or mobile app. The service requires the account holder to specify the name of the party receiving the check, the amount of the payment, the date on which she wishes to mail the check and the address of the check recipient. The bank then deducts the amount from her account and issues the check to the designated party at no additional cost to the account holder.

Some banks may also offer such a feature, though others may require account holders to use the bill payment feature. This service allows account holders to make single or recurring payments for bills electronically by creating a payee profile, which includes the receiving party's name and address, along with the account number for the bill in question. Many banks allow account holders to make payments to private individuals as well as business, making it possible to send a check online to any party.

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