Where Can You Sell Scrap Sterling Silver?


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Silver recycling and scrap resale sites like Metallix, Cash for Silver USA and Silver Recyclers are all good places for those looking to sell scrap silver. These sites buy scrap sterling silver along with other kinds of silver and other precious metals in order to melt them down and resell them in turn.

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Where Can You Sell Scrap Sterling Silver?
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Metallix buys gold and other precious metals directly from sellers. The site buys scrap sterling silver and supplies sellers with a daily price quote in order to demonstrate its commitment to pricing according to the fair market value for silver on a daily basis.

Cash for Silver USA is a business with many locations throughout the United States. Sellers can sell their silver at those locations or directly through the website. The site has a silver calculator to give estimates on what the company will pay for a given amount of silver based on its quantity and condition.

Silver Recyclers purchases most precious metals and uses a melt value calculator to assign prices. The melt value calculator shows what metals are worth in their melted-down state and the process Silver Recyclers uses to ready its purchased metals for resale. The melt value calculator can be used to evaluate metals ranging from platinum to palladium.

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