How Can You Sell Real Estate?

How Can You Sell Real Estate?

To sell real estate, hire a building inspector, advertise the property, and schedule walkthroughs. Once a buyer has agreed to a price, hire a lawyer to draw up a contract of sale and to work out closing details.

  1. Hire a building inspector

    An inspector gives a fair appraisal of any faults in the building and warns of any major breakdowns or fixes that might cost you a sale.

  2. Gauge the market

    Do research online about the neighborhood. Use the prices of other properties to decide a fair price point.

  3. Advertise your property

    Place ads in local newspapers, on real estate sites or with local homeowners associations. Put a professional sign in your yard to let passersby know your property is for sale. Include the price of the property, contact information and what sets it apart from other properties in the area.

  4. Schedule walkthroughs

    When you have an prospective buyer, schedule a day and time for them to come see the property. Be prepared to answer questions about the property.

  5. Begin closing a sale

    When the interested party decides to buy, contact a lawyer who specializes in real estate to draw up a fair contract of sale. Follow the rules and guidelines of the local government concerning writing and completing a contract of sale.

  6. Move out by possession date

    Remove all belongings from the property and deliver the keys once the contract has been reviewed and signed by both parties and you have received payment.