How Can You Sell Your Products on EBay If You Are Not an Expert?


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To sell items on eBay as a novice, start with plenty of research to figure out a fair price for your item and compare it to similar items currently listed. Write an accurate description of the item without pretending to know more than you do and take excellent photos.

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The first step in selling any product is creating a seller account with eBay. If you have not done this yet, fill out the required basic information to create an accouint, including acceptable payment methods. Once you have done this, you can create your listing. Create an accurate description and eBay can suggest possible categories it might fit. Choose your pricing requirements and post it.

Once you have done that, you must manage your listing. Keep track of bids and answer any questions asked to the best of your ability. Never lie or exaggerate, because that is against eBay's Terms of Service. Once someone has bought your item, wait to receive payment, then ship the item according to the terms you specified in the listing.

If you are trying to sell a collector's item, antique or other valuable piece, it may be worth having it appraised before trying to sell it. Many of these products can be frauds or reproductions, and it takes a trained eye to tell the difference. If you are unsure of the provenance or quality of the item, either disclose that in the listing or have it appraised by an expert.

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