What Can You Sell in an Online Auction House?


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Online auction houses such as eBay provide a marketplace for merchants to sell everything from clothes to video games, with the only major restrictions on sales being legality. Controlled substances generally cannot be sold through online auction houses, and any illegal substances such as narcotics would be completely illegal to post or sell.

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eBay requires only that goods be legally salable and in the condition which their sellers claim. This means that a seller in an online auction house is limited largely by the law and by their imagination as to what they will spend their time marketing and selling.

eBay is a prominent hub of trade in collectibles, in garments, in utensils and in automotive supplies and cars themselves. Specialty items can find a customer base through the search functions eBay implements, including an elaborate and well-developed tagging utility which lets customers find what they are looking for by searching certain keywords.

Larger items such as cars cannot be shipped by conventional means. Alternate methods of transportation must be arranged for large sales that require an exchange of funds and goods not readily exchangeable by mail. Sellers must come to an accommodation with their customers so that all parties are satisfied and provided with what their transaction entitles them to.

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