How Can You Sell Your Ideas to a Company?


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To sell your ideas to a company, become familiar with the target market, learn about production and legal issues, and create a professional presentation. The presentation is an important part of selling an idea and can make or break the success.

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When selling an idea to a company, it is important that all the research is done first. Become familiar with the market of the company’s customers and the types of products or services they already provide. Be sure to get all the appropriate numbers, including the cost of production and marketing. Learn more about the production process and what the legal issues are. All of this information is vital as it helps to prepare the presentation.

If the idea is a product, a three-dimensional prototype model should be made of the product. Companies prefer this so they can see what it would actually look like. In addition to a very detailed presentation, this helps to sell the idea. The presentation needs to include information about the product’s market, the features and benefits, and what challenge it helps to solve. The status of the invention, such as whether it is trademarked or copyrighted, also needs to be included.

For the final step, look into getting an upfront payment for production of the product. Also speak to the company about different payment options, including royalties from products sold if the company chooses this idea.

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