What Can You Sell on Craigslist?

Things to sell on Craigslist include kitchenware, electronics, toys, furniture, power tools, and vehicles. Other popular items on Craigslist include farm machines, motor cycles, and sports equipment. Apart from selling tangible items, Craigslist also allows users to provide services such as babysitting, lawn mowing, surveys, and writing.

Important tips to consider when posting advertisements on Craigslist include offering the item or service at a clear, affordable price; taking clear photos of the item if applicable; writing an attractive and informative headline and providing a good description.

When writing the headline, include words that make readers want to click on the advertisement. Words such as “In good condition,” when used on headlines to describe an item for sale that is functioning properly, usually have high number of views. Additionally, after stating the price, mention whether it is fixed or negotiable.

A good description should mention what the item is, its current condition, specifications and age. The seller's contact information is also necessary. When taking a picture of the item, ensure the item is clean and there is good lighting. To increase the chance of selling an item, include its accessories if available. For example, when selling a phone, include its charger, earphones and case.