Where Can You Find an As-Seen-on-TV Store?

Consumers seeking to find As Seen On TV outlet stores can visit the As Seen On TV sections featured on websites such as MallSeeker.com and OutletSheet.com. Outlet stores exclusively selling as-seen-on-TV items are located in several states, including Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico and North Carolina. California, Pennsylvania and New York have the most locations, as of 2015. Consumers living in states that don't have an outlet store can purchase infomercial items at some major retailers, such as Target.

As-seen-on-TV products are typically mainstream, and consumers no longer need to watch an infomercial to make a purchase. Many mall locations have As Seen On TV branded stores, and consumers can examine products in person before making a buying decision. Other states with major As Seen On TV outlet stores include Washington and Georgia.

A few big chain retailers, such as Target, reserve shelf space for products of this nature, but product selection varies among stores. Target sells many household as-seen-on-TV items, such as food gadgets, cleaning and organization systems and pet accessories. Target also has an As Seen On TV section on its website dedicated to these items. Consumers that cannot locate a local outlet or retail store that sells infomercial products can find many of the same products at AsSeenOnTV.com.