Where can you find scrap aluminum prices?


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ScrapRegister, a global scrap trading company, lists the current aluminum scrap metal prices, as of 2015. The price list is broken down into aluminum product types, such as litho sheets and radiators, and also by U.S. region. Price lists are also available for other countries, such as Japan and India. Prices for scrap aluminum are also available through local recycle centers and scrap metal buyers. A national average price is available at MetalPrices.com. Local pricing is more relevant for those selling aluminum.

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Where can you find scrap aluminum prices?
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Bauxite is a sedimentary rock that is rich in various minerals. One of the minerals within bauxite is alumina, also known as aluminum oxide. This organic material is what is used to make aluminum. The most commonly recycled item in the U.S. is the aluminum can, according to Wise Geek. This recycling saves 95% of the energy it would require to produce new aluminum.

The most common sources of scrap aluminum are aluminum cans. As such, many sites list the price for scrap aluminum in a per-can rate rather than a per-pound format. Some sites also include the aluminum scrap price of specific recycling centers or in specific regions. Individuals recycling aluminum cans should be aware of any deposit refund system within their state, as it affects the per-can price.

Aluminum prices change frequently, so sellers should check prices often. Some recycle centers and buyers keep up-to-date pricing on their websites or Facebook pages, while other establishments require sellers to call for pricing. To find a local buyer of aluminum, sellers can contact their local sanitation department or perform an online search for their local recycling centers. Online listings such as RecycleInMe.com have aluminum price information for cities and countries around the world.

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