How Can Schools and Teachers Get Free Laptop Computers for the Classroom?


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Schools and teachers can obtain free laptop computers for use in classrooms through a variety of methods, including government grants, special technology education organizations and through individual crowdfunding services. Some companies, such as Microsoft, also operate special programs that donate laptops and other computers to schools, though these programs frequently change over time.

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One of the most common methods for schools and teachers to obtain laptops for use in classes is through government grants and funding. Grants.gov features numerous federal grants that offer monetary awards for specific purposes, such as purchasing laptops or computers. Each grant involves an application process with different requirements, such as student size, district education standards or examples of need. There are also numerous grants available at the state level, meaning the state legislature handles the funding and issuing process. Many private organizations and non-profits also offer grants for purchasing computers for the classroom.

Another popular method for obtaining classroom computers is crowdfunding, wherein a teacher or school publishes a list of needs, including materials, so that other individuals may purchase them. Sites such as DonorsChoose.org allow a teacher to create an account and publish a list of items she needs, then enables other users to purchase those items and ship them to the teacher. Some corporations that manufacture computers also operate programs that donate models to classrooms, either in a set amount or by offering customers the ability to purchase a computer for a classroom.

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