How Can You Schedule Employees Online?


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ShiftPlanning.com and WhenToWork.com allow users to create employee schedules online, although both services cost money. Users who traditionally create employee schedules using spreadsheets can use Google Docs or similar online resources to create schedules for free online.

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Scheduling programs allow users to set up schedules visually and feature tools that help employers track how many hours employees are working. Some programs can generate schedules automatically and allow users to alter them as needed. Before sophisticated Web apps, most users relied on scheduling software that ran on a specific computer, although some software allowed remote access.

Online scheduling tools allow people to access their schedules from any computer with Internet access. Many such tools offer smartphone apps that let users work on schedules on-the-go. Online programs also store information on remote servers, which if backed up properly provide strong data security and reduce the amount of time needed to back up information.

Another option larger companies should consider is cloud-based enterprise resource management software. ERP software has features that simplify the management of large employee bases. This software also typically includes sophisticating scheduling features. Cloud-based options allow users to benefit from the accessibility of online scheduling programs while adding features that typically require larger standalone application suites.

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