How Can You Schedule an Appraisal With Vision?


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You can schedule an appraisal with Vision online, using the company's easy "appointment locator" tool. The tool links to Vision's primary website, vgsi.com, and it includes a drop-down menu that gives you the ability to select your specific municipality. Once you choose your municipality, you can select and confirm your appointment online. Alternately, the website lists toll-free contact information for scheduling an appointment over the phone.

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Vision Government Solutions is the foremost supplier of land parcel management services and technology to local governments, giving those organizations the ability to assess efficiently, bill seamlessly and complete a variety of mapping and permitting tasks. Vision Government Solutions' website includes many helpful links for both taxpayers and government organizations.

Vision has over 400 client installations across 10 states, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and New York. Half of Vision's customers have been using the company's services for an average of 20 years.

Vision's most popular online tool is the "Revaluation" tool, which walks the taxpayer through the process of performing necessary Market Analysis and Valuation to assess the accurate and equitable property values for all properties in a municipality. The purpose of Revaluation is to create an equitable distribution of tax load.

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