How Can You Schedule an Appointment to Use Services at Great Clips?

To schedule an appointment to use services at Great Clips, go to the Great Clips online check-in tool by clicking on Check In from the home page. From there, enter a ZIP code and click on a location on the map to check in. Enter a name, phone number and number of guests, and then click Check Me In.

This check-in or wait list feature is much like a feature offered by many restaurants that allows diners to put their names in at the host stand before actually arriving at the restaurant. The online tool shows wait times for each salon in the geographic area selected by the customer, and getting on the wait list by checking in puts him in line, as opposed to showing up in-person to add his name to the list. The salon chain also has a mobile app, so users can check in from anywhere, increasing the convenience of the service.

Great Clips is a chain of hair salons that advertises convenience and friendly service. The company prides itself on being the first salon chain to have an online check-in service. The company operates nearly 4,000 salons in both the United States and Canada, as of 2015.