How Can You Save Money When Renting Self Storage?

How Can You Save Money When Renting Self Storage?

Save money on a storage unit by decluttering your home, picking the right unit size and type, and asking for a discount. Consider alternative places to store your items.

Take an inventory of everything in your home. Only store necessities, so sell, throw away or donate anything that you rarely use. Use the money that you make from selling your unused items to help pay for storage costs.

Storage units are available in five different types: indoor, outdoor, standard, heated and climate-controlled. To determine the most effective unit for protecting your things, assess each item. For example, certain fabrics need to stay in certain temperatures to avoid damages: They need climate-controlled storage units.

To avoid buying too many units, rent the largest size that fits your budget. Check your storage company's website for a unit size estimator. Additionally, visit it to further examine the storage units. Map a plan of how to fit as much as possible into one.

Negotiate a better rate by giving a justifiable reason for asking for it. For example, if the unit you rent does not exactly match your needs, explain to the salesperson why you believe that you deserve a deal on it because of this problem.

To save even more, consider storing items at a friend or family members house, or ask your landlord about free storage options that may be available through them. To find the best price for local storage, compare prices of different companies by using