How Can You Save Money When Renting a Lakeside Cabin?

A traveler can save money on a lakeside cabin or other rental by being flexible with travel dates and traveling with friends and family members who may otherwise book separate hotel rooms, CNBC recommends. A traveler can save further by renting from the owner to avoid brokerage fees and by looking for last-minute specials, Kiplinger explains. A vacationer may avoid rent altogether by swapping homes, Today reveals.

Vacation rental rates can vary wildly even during the busy season, CNBC notes. Comparing rates for different weeks can help renters find bargains.

Checking vacation-rental listing sites' specials pages can help travelers find owners willing to reduce rents rather than risk vacancies, notes Kiplinger. Alternatively, owners may eliminate fees or throw in extras for last-minute bookings.

Renters can save additional money by taking advantage of perks such as kitchens, Today recommends. Cooking in can reduce vacation costs by hundreds of dollars compared to restaurant dining.

Travelers who live in areas that attract tourists can trade homes with lakeside cabin owners as an alternative to renting homes outright, Today explains. Online exchange sites, such as and HomeLink International, charge fees to help connect homeowners interested in swapping. Online classifieds may also list homes available for trade.