How Can I Save Money on Grocery Shopping?


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Using a list to decide what to purchase at the grocery store and comparison shopping reduces grocery costs. Meal planning, using coupons and cooking foods from scratch also cuts costs at the grocer.

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How Can I Save Money on Grocery Shopping?
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Coupons can be found online, in newspapers, in the mail and in some magazines. Opting to shop at a grocery store that doubles or triples the value of coupons can significantly lower grocery costs. Meal planning and creating a list based on those meals also reduces grocery costs. Checking the sales papers and comparing costs to determine where the cheapest items are sold. Purchase items from the weekly or monthly grocery list from the least expensive stores. Purchasing ingredients, rather than snack or prepared, processed foods, is usually the least costly option.

For instance, flour can be used to make bread and other baked goods for pennies per serving and is less costly than purchasing sliced bread. Plan meals based in ingredients already in the pantry, the make a list of the ingredients needed to turn pantry staples into meals. Try buying pantry staples in bulk. Bulk products are less costly when comparing the price per serving. Another solution to cutting grocery costs is making only what is needed for the meal by measuring serving sizes and refrigerating or freezing leftovers immediately. Making only what is needed reduces waste and saves money.

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