How Can You Save Money on Gas?


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A person can save on gas money by maintaining the car, driving less, paying cash at gas stations and buying a car that has higher fuel efficiency. Running the air conditioner instead of opening the window lowers wind resistance, decreasing fuel consumption.

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Routine car maintenance helps vehicles conserve more fuel. For instance, inflating tires leads to greater fuel efficiency. Engine tune-ups enhance fuel consumption, and adding new oil to the engine keeps the system well lubricated. Replacing defective gas caps prevents the gas from escaping and evaporating.

Warm up the engine before driving. A cold engine burns more gas. Sudden breaking and acceleration are actions that hamper the life of the engine and gas reserves. Avoid driving too fast to maintain the fuel supply over time. Removing snow tires during warmer seasons is helpful because these types of tires drain more gas reserves from the car.

Avoid filling up the tank because this only results in seepage that wastes fresh gas. Paying cash instead of using a debit or credit card is more prudent because many gas stations charge extra for electronic transactions. Getting the lowest grade possible saves on gas when filling at the pump. Gas cards are helpful for those who are trying to maintain a gas budget.

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