How Can You Save on the Expense of Writing a Will?


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Save on the expense of writing a will by writing it yourself, reports Nolo. A number of will-making tools and templates are available to help you. If you need to hire a lawyer, find out whether a flat fee or hourly billing works best for your specific legal situation.

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Tools to write wills include estate planning software and online programs that ask questions and use your responses to compile a will, explains Nolo. Flat forms are documents you can fill in with a word processor with the help of detailed instructions. Be sure your will stipulates the executor, beneficiaries, guardians for underage children and provisions for pets. Explain how to handle unpaid taxes and debts. Sign the will, have two witnesses add their signatures, and optionally have a notary attach a self-proving affidavit.

Even if your situation is complex and you need to have a lawyer draft your will, save money by learning as much as you can about estate-planning legalities first, advises Nolo. This makes it easier to specify your wishes to your lawyer and enables the lawyer to draw up the document quicker. Find a lawyer who charges a flat free for creating a will if you are concerned about the amount of time it may take. You may save money by finding a sole practitioner or a lawyer in a smaller firm rather than a big firm.

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