Where Can You Find Samples of Letters Asking for Help?

There are many resources online where one can find sample letters asking for help. Most of these resources are available for free such as WriteExpress. One can also use Safari Books Online,a digital library for various learning resources including sample letters asking for help. Subscription may be free or for a fee. Amazon.com sells various books that can help one write letters asking for help.

To find quickly the type of letter one is looking for online it is best to be more specific with what kind of help is needed. Write if it is a sample letter asking for a favor, a request, a donation, an increase in credit line, an extension of due date, a job recommendation, a refinancing, or others.

Generally, sample letters asking for help are formal, polite and simple. It states who the writer is and what he is requesting to be done. It also states if deadlines are involved and if there is a need to coordinate with other people or organizations. Sometimes it may be necessary to remind the recipient if they have been introduced before, and why the writer feels that the recipient is the right person who could help. Other pertinent information and supporting documents may be included to gain consideration and approval.