Where Can I Get a Free Sample Rent Increase Letter?

Sample rent increase letters can be printed out and downloaded from various websites. Another option is to copy and paste templates into a word processing program. This type of letter avoids miscommunication as to when the new rent amount is due, how often the rent should be paid and when late fees come due.

Rent increases can happen due to more costs, improvements on the property or a new lease. State and local laws govern when and how a landlord can raise rent in his rental unit. A rent increase letter is used as written notification of an increase, according to Rocket Lawyer. The letter puts everything in writing so there is no confusion between tenants and landlords. Tenants typically must sign and return the rent increase letters they receive.

State and local laws govern the auspices of rent increases. A certain time frame for delivery of the letter should be observed, usually 30 to 60 days before the new rental rate goes into effect. A written rent increase letter may serve as an amendment to a current lease that changes only the rent amount. Tenants may opt out of the lease rather than continue paying rent at a higher rate.