Where Can You Find Sample Policies for Nursing Homes?


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Locate examples of nursing home policies from the website of the Minnesota Department of Human Resources' Nursing Facility Rates and Policy Division, NursingHomeFamilies.com, and the website of the American Health Care Association. Some files are in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

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The Minnesota Department of Human Resources website has policies concerning bed holds, billing of patients, claims information, closure of beds and contracts management. Bed holds are connected to the department's leave day policies, which concern those patients who leave their nursing homes for some time. Billing patient information changes from year to year. The bed closure policies concern both partial and complete closure of nursing home beds.

The HIPAA Policy and Procedure Manual, available from the American Health Care Association, includes policies affecting nursing home residents in addition to other health care situations and centers. The manual includes general rules that pertain to most situations, such as the rights of former residents to access their protected health information, rules concerning the accounting of and disclosure of protected health information, other forms of communication for protected health information, and amendments of protected health information.

NursingHomeFamilies.com provides information on policies pertaining to nursing home staff and qualifications required to run a home.

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