Where Can You Find Sample Letters for Canceling a Business Contract?

can-sample-letters-canceling-business-contract Credit: moodboard/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

A good source of sample letters for canceling a business contract is Docstoc. Docstoc hosts millions of professional documents and a wide selection of quality samples of cancellation letters. At Your Business is another recommended resource for business owners. It offers a large variety of business forms including contract termination sample letters.

A contract termination letter serves as a formal declaration of a person’s intent to cut off business relations with the other party. It is important to use an appropriate format and tone when writing a formal letter to cancel a contract. The letter must be written in a professional and cordial tone and be written straight to the point. It must inform the other party why services are no longer needed. It is also important to state the specific date to end the service so as not to renew annual contracts automatically. Furthermore, the letter must include thanks to the other party for services rendered. The letter needs to be written in a respectful, formal and positive manner. The examples provided by Docstoc and At Your Business provide an idea of the right template and tone of the letter. There are downloadable templates available as well as Word documents and PDFs.