Where Can You Find a Sample Letter for Requesting a Pay Raise?

Websites focusing on career development offer varied guidance on writing a letter requesting a pay raise. One who plans to write such a letter needs to mention certain specific details regarding the desired amount of increased pay, significant work accomplishments and the desired increase in compensation.

A key item to include in a pay raise request letter is the specific amount of higher pay desired, such as an increase of 7.5 percent per year. Requests for higher pay need to be justified through details of specific work accomplishments. Examples of justification statements may include specific mentions of increased sales or completion of specific major projects.

A pay raise request letter must also achieve an appropriate tone that is both professional and inviting. One way to accomplish this task is to note a willingness to discuss or negotiate the desired pay increase. Including a brief statement near the end of a letter indicating a desire to speak to the employer in the near future is also appropriate.