Where Can I Find a Sample Letter to Request a Job Promotion?

can-sample-letter-request-job-promotion Credit: Petri Artturi Asikainen/The Image Bank/Getty Images

A letter to request a job promotion should be unique and original; however, inspirational examples can be found on the web or in various career development centers. The letter should include information about qualifications and work history, a self-evaluation of one’s current performance and career goals that support why the promotion is warranted. Highlighting contributions, achievements and including references is a way to stand out as a candidate, explains About.com.

Before submitting a letter requesting a promotion, carefully assess why the promotion is deserved. Promotions are not justified simply by the need to make more money; rather, an employee must demonstrate value and contributions to the company and potential to excel when assigned greater responsibility, states The Huston Chronical.

The tone of the letter should be objective, and should specify years worked with the company, all positions held and any awards earned over that time. The purpose of the job promotion request letter is to remind the employer of these accomplishments. Listed accomplishments stand out with bullet points to highlight them. As examples of growth, the letter should also discuss any additional training and work-related coursework completed. When possible to obtain, reference letters from previous supervisors listing positive qualities and recommending a promotion are helpful. Include these letters with the promotion request as further evidence of professional achievements.