How Can I Find Sample Landlord Letters to Tenants?

Sample landlord letters covering all numerous topics are available at sites such as and Landlord letters offered at are not free, but users can view sample letters at no cost. Alternatively, The Landlord Protection Agency offers free landlord letters in PDF format.

The increase rent notice is a common landlord letter that is used to notify tenants of a rent increase, and you can view a sample at Click on the template for an expanded preview of the letter sample, and use the scroll bar to view the entire letter. This site also offers a Notice to Enter letter, which is a brief letter landlords are required to give tenants before entering a rental unit. allows users to edit and customize its landlord letter templates before download. The Landlord Protection Agency features letters such as an Evictions Ramifications Notice and Letter to Tenant Move-Out Reminder.

To create a landlord letter that is understood by both tenant and landlord, the landlord can start by writing items down on a list. This list includes all points the landlord desires to include in the letter. Review your state landlord tenant laws to see what is legal to include, and then edit the list of items for clarity. Compose a final draft, and remove errors before presenting letters to tenants.