Where Can You Find a Sample Employee Probation Letter?


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Find a sample employee probation letter on sites such as AtYourBusiness.com, LectLaw.com, BusinessFormTemplate.com and StaffSquared.com, as of 2015. Each site offers letters with standard business formatting that explain what content to insert, such as the names of the parties participating in the action, and are available to either download as editable files or copy directly from the site.

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A probation letter serves as an official correspondence between a manager or member of the company's human resources department and an employee explaining that the employee is entering into a probationary period due to specific actions or behaviors. The letter should begin with the name of the company representative placing the employee on probation, along with the representative's title and the date on which she is drafting the letter. It also needs to include the name and title of the offending employee along with a brief introduction stating the nature of the letter.

In the opening statement, the letter should also highlight the reason the employee is entering into the probationary period, such as violation of company policy or the failure to complete specific job duties. It should also explain the rules of the probation, which typically means that if the employee repeats the aforementioned actions, the company has the right to begin the termination process. It should also include steps or actions the employee needs to take to leave the period, and a date for any final review.

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